The Harish & Johnsen Group

Our company is a business solutions provider that serves the foreign and local markets with strategic, creative and technological services across key industries.

Anchoring its direction and business-wide service portfolio from its value-driven company thrust, “Synchronizing the art and science of doing business”, The Harish & Johnsen Group has created brands and divisions, with different but complimenting range of expertise.

Wholly-owned by young and dynamic Filipino technopreneurs, The Harish & Johnsen (H&J) Group has been complimenting different projects as a “back-stage” production lead of its front-liner partners. Strategizing for the long-term sustainability of clients is our core. We engage powerful brands and new market entrants with our innovative campaigns that strikes across channels and markets.

The company serves as the total business solutions specialist to the global market, continuously creating a quality-driven and innovation-savvy market. We believe that it’s not enough to be part of the future, when you can be this future.

Aspire to inspire.


Our Mission

The company shall provide aspirational jobs in the locations we operate and areas we can reach, as we uplift the standards of the market and the society for a more sustainable and qualitative business lifestyle through our innovative solutions.

Our Vision

The Harish & Johnsen Group is the recognized and leading partner in innovative business solutions of the various industry sectors it serves across the globe; an aspirational and inspirational corporate brand for employment, partnership, and investments.

Our Values

It takes more than just the right set of skills and talent to achieve a goal. It requires a consistent set of genuine values, but never the best foot forward.  We share our core values to internal and external clients, as we believe they set us apart from the competition and industry stereotypes. Our core values were founded from the ground up.

  • customer-is-king
  • innovation-is-key
  • quality-is-excellence
  • respect-is-for-all
  • lead-with-compassion
  • pay-it-forward
  • people-greatest-asset



Inspired by the works of hands and believing that Ayala Museum houses an exceptional chronicle of our Philippine history, The Harish & Johnsen Group offered to enhance the Diorama exhibit with a remarkably creative and digital accompaniment. Utilizing Ayala Museum’s existing voice media and Diorama exhibit, The Harish & Johnsen Group compliments it with a cutting-edge mobile application that transcends art exhibit with digital technology. This initiative has poised Ayala Museum to be the first museum in the Philippines and Asia to feature a dynamic 3D Augmented Reality with a 3D art exhibit.

The Harish & Johnsen Group thru its divisions, Dv8 Solutions, RedBlack&White and AV Reality, conceptualized, designed, developed and powered an exclusive museum mobile application for Ayala Foundation, Inc.’s Ayala Museum, dubbed as “Ayala Museum Diorama”. The mobile application features a multimedia collection of the sixty (60) Diorama Experience exhibits. It contains the 18 dioramas with Augmented Reality (AR) features and enablement together with audio files of the complete diorama exhibit located on Ayala Museum’s prominent second floor. The team takes the experience to a notch higher by adding realistic environment sound effects and augmented reality 3D visual effects.

“We’ve given the Diorama Exhibit a whole new experience, not only by combining but actually bridging the gap between traditional arts and sophisticated science. We are not just revolutionizing the experience but we are actually witnessing evolution unwrap itself right before our very eyes, at the palm of our hands – literally. What you are just seeing is a small piece of what we have, what we are and what we can do. Expect exciting years ahead with The Harish & Johnsen Group and Ayala Museum partnership.” said Shirah Ragos Segarra, Vice President of The Harish & Johnsen Group, Head of Dv8 Solutions, RedBlack&White, and AV Reality.

The Ayala Museum Diorama mobile application with Augmented Reality can be experienced within Ayala Museum thru its available mobile devices.

Augmented Reality is an experience through a mobile screen that complements the physical assets with a virtual or augmented layer, unifying both with an engaging experience in real time. The dynamism of this technological platform is a product of a creative concept direction that allows users to interact with it. The visual animation and 3D effects are the essential components that generate the real-life virtuosity aided by the auditory layers of music, voice narration or sound effects. Augmented Reality can be viewed through mobile screens or any multimedia screen as long as it is developed for the hardware specification.

Ayala Museum raises the bar once more as the partnership not only contributes to its milestone but marks as a celebration of the Philippine Independence Day. As it is launched to the public, on this commemorative day, the project communicates the liberation and talent of Filipinos in the industry of a foreign dominated industry, technology and information communication.

To engage a fascinating experience of the Philippine history thru a new perspective, mobile devices showcasing the dynamic 3D Augmented Reality (AR) and mobile application is available at Ayala Museum thru its iOS devices.

A public version of the mobile application that aims to give users, a sneak peek of the experience, is available at Google Play Store. With the downloaded mobile application for Android, you can scan the Dioramas you see below, and enjoy the learning experience it brings.


The world as we know it, is already at default. Constantly growing, constantly changing. With all the revolutionizing experiences our own worlds have gone through, education still remains as the key to a more sustainable living, society, economy and progress. With this belief, The Harish & Johnsen Group sought to serve this aspect of need by providing limitless access to education in an unconventional but measurable method of learning –eLearning Management Interactive System, dubbed as Coffee-Brain. The innovative learning experience allows users from both the academic and professional audience to LEARN, CREATE, MONITOR, ADMINISTER, and CONNECT. It participated at the 2013 IBM Asean SmartCamp as one of the Philippine’s entry to the annual innovation event.


Dv8 Solutions, founded in 2009, initially offered business process re-engineering, web design and development, and graphics design as services to its clients. In 2011, the founders decided to open its doors to the Philippine market, to serve the multi-faceted industries with its integrated solutions. It was a cue to add the words, DIVERSITY to the roster of services the company offers. An equal fusion of the creative and analytic solutions have come into light, as Dv8 Solutions transitioned to what we now know of as The Harish & Johnsen Group, retaining the name Dv8 Solutions as one of its core divisions. A diversified range of services were offered, from enterprise and web applications, mobile and game design and development, illustrations, animation, events management, and professional development. It was an end to end, side-by-side service solutions for any business model. With its range of services, across channels, passion for innovation has remained as its ground.